7 Secrets of Writing a PhD Proposal

It’s true that writing a PhD proposal is not that easy but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to accomplish because there are ways that can help you come up with an effective proposal appropriate for the course you are taking. Most PhD proposals are written with the goal of pursuing the right answer to an ongoing debate, unfinished discourse, or adding more information to an existing theory through a different approach. This means that you will have to put a lot of effort into your writing because your proposal plays an important part in your thesis or dissertation. If you need help developing a convincing proposal, don’t hesitate to come to us.

Tips to Writing a PhD Proposal

proposal for phdThe first thing you should do when developing your proposal for PhD is to think of a question that can be answered in your proposal. Ask yourself why should you answer this question, how it will benefit you and those who are in the same industry as you, and why is it an interesting topic.

  • Your proposal should be specific. You don’t have to cover a lot of ground in your PhD thesis proposal. Focusing on specific area can help you get more information to your readers without having to discuss a lot of issues.
  • Think about the method you will be using to address the problem. Will you be using quantitative or qualitative methods? Choose the methodology that best answers the question you have posed in your proposal.
  • You should carefully choose your supervisor to ensure that you have the same understanding in terms of your proposal. If your supervisor has written papers regarding your course, reading them can give you an insight on how to approach your proposal.
  • Consider where your funds will come from. There are some PhD programs that help fund a student’s proposal once it is approved. This is worth considering when writing your PhD proposal.
  • Ask yourself why you are pursuing a PhD course. This can help you get a better perspective on your proposal which in turn can help you come up with a comprehensive outline for your paper.
  • Review your PhD proposal. It is important that you review your paper once you are finished writing to ensure that there are no errors and that you have covered all the requirements needed in a PhD proposal.

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