A Guide to the World Meanings of Honours Degree

A Guide to the World Meanings of Honours Degree

Do you wonder what the differences between a bachelor’s degree and an Honors bachelor’s degree are? If so, check out the following guide and see what unique points they have with each other.

A Guide to the World Meanings of Honour Degree

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  • You will need three years in order to complete your degree or course.

  • Writing a dissertation paper isn’t a requirement for BAs.

  • BSC is easier to obtain than to obtain a BA honor’s degree

BA Honor’s Degree

  • You will need four years to complete this type of BA.

  • This is considered more superior than a typical BA’s degree.

What is the Geography of Honours Degree Meaning?

  • Great Britain: first class honours is the highest classification, indicating high academic achievement, 15 percent of candidates

  • Wales: BA is awarded with honours after three years study; some universities mandate completing dissertation in third year.

  • USA: simply signifies academic excellence, higher than overall GPA

  • Australia: honours degree may mean a two-year consecutive research degree program starting after completion of BA in the same field

  • South Africa: honours degree means optional fourth year; an additional year qualification, non-professional bachelors’ degree are three-year degrees

  • Canada: Honours’ BA is composed of basic requirements for a certain degree along with a number of other courses; an applicant has to complete a comprehensive or a thesis exam varying from major to major.

So which type of bachelors degree would you prefer? Is it a typical BA or an HonoursBA? The answer depends on your career goals and future plans. Now if you want to reach better heights for your study in terms of knowledge, you may want to go for HonoursBA degrees. But that of course also depends on your chosen school and your geography because HonoursBA may also have varying requirements and may mean a different thing based on your location.