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Purpose of Earning a PhD Law Degree

Many students attend law school with the intention of getting a job once they have graduated. However there are some who wish to become legal scholars and pursue a career in academia. Most academic positions will require a postgraduate law degree. Law PhD programs will require you to conduct independent research and submit a dissertation that contributes something new and useful to the field

Tips for Completing Your Law PhD

A PhD in law is not to be undertaken lightly. It requires years of hard work and not everybody will complete the program successfully. Here are a few tips for making it through law PhD programs:

  • Write often: Even if you don’t have a paper due and haven’t started your dissertation yet you should still write. Document your progress, obstacles you encountered, what you did and how you did it. The more you write the easier it becomes and your skills will improve. Some of what you write may be reused for future papers.
  • Read all you can: Consume any books, articles and papers you can find in your specific topic area. You want to be as familiar with your topic area as possible and aware of any research in the area you are interested in.
  • Be committed: Don’t enter a PhD law program on a whim. You need to completely devote yourself to earning your PhD. Develop a good work ethic.
  • Pay attention to your supervisor: Your supervisor is there to help you. Although you may not agree with everything they say you should at least consider and discuss things with them. They have already been where you are and were successful
  • Don’t depend too much on your supervisor: This is your PhD and you are the one who bears responsibility. Listen to your supervisor but don’t depend on them to tell you everything you need to do or how to do it.

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Helpful Suggestions for Writing Your Law Dissertation

Writing the dissertation will be the most difficult part of earning your PhD law degree. The following are a few basic tips and suggestions for writing your law dissertation:

  • Select the right topic: Your topic should be something you have a genuine interest in and are familiar with, narrow enough to cover well and have some significance or importance.
  • Seek second opinions: Naturally you know what you intend to say but will others when they read your paper? Have somebody you trust read your paper and see if they clearly understand what you have written.
  • Be sure that all sources are cited: Record all required citation information for any source that you may use in your paper.
  • Write first and revise later: A common problem with many students is that they revise as they write. This will slow you down and disrupt your flow of thoughts. Get what you want to say written down and go back and polish it up later.
  • The introduction should be written last: The introduction is an overview of the whole paper. Writing it first means you will probably just have to do it over.

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