Did You Know the Difference between PhD and MPhil?

Is there a difference between PhD and MPhil? Master of Philosophy or MPhil is an advanced postgraduate research degree. The degree is regarded as the second master or senior degree between PhD and Masters. It is applied for by graduate students after they completed years of research. For successful MPhil PhD admissions, you must complete your applications with the help of professional research proposal writing services. For a guide to get started, keep reading.
difference between phd and mphil

Top 5 MPhil Degrees World Universities

Here are the universities offering MPhil degrees. Knowing about them will help you choose among the universities offering the degree. For the complete application details per school, visit their official site, but see the following for a brief description.

  1. University of Westminster: The University’s M. Phil. is a program of self-directed research, surveying, collating, reviewing and evaluating knowledge about an approved topic at the same time presenting finding in thesis-only for examination. The program can be completed within 36 months. It has around more than 2,000 graduates. The MPhil program can be taken separately, forming an initial stage study linked to PhD or MPhil with a potential for superior knowledge improvement and contribution.
  2. Kingston University: The MPhil program takes 2 to 3 years of study for full-time degree students and 4 to 6 years for part-time students. Students need a first or second-class honors degree or its equivalent in a subject that is essential to their proposed research program. Usually, students can complete the MPhil degree within 60 months. The program has around more than 5,000 for postgraduate studies.
  3. Sunderland University: During the MPhil course of students, they will be trained in a rigorous research methodology that can be helpful for their careers. Their postgraduate research development program will allow them to learn as well as build a network of potential collaborators in research projects. They will be given excellent opportunities to develop their high-level thinking and critical skills. Also, the program allows them to focus on what they find interesting and follow their personal research interest. The program can be completed within 2 years compared to a PhD, which requires 3 years of completion and defense. For international students, the program has a community of 41% of them.
  4. University of Cambridge: There are two types of MPhil degrees offered at the university: MPhil by advanced study, including the taught element, and MPhil by research, a research program only that leads to a doctoral dissertation. The MPhil in an advanced study can be completed between 9 to 12 months, and the MPhil by research is a one-year program. For a part-time study, it can be completed in 2 years.  When it comes to their total application, the number reaches up to 16,000. Both types of the MPhil degrees give an excellent transition to a full-scale, full-time degree PhD research. The degree introduces specialist knowledge and research skills to students who are lucky making it to the program.
  5. University of Leicester: The University is offering part-time programs, which are flexible enough especially for working students taking up a research degree. The part-time study for MPhil is perfect for students who want to gain MPhil or PhD degree without leaving their employment as well as those who want to develop their careers. For the overseas graduate application, the school receives around 41 and around 500 applications for graduate study aspirants.


Most Popular Research Field/Specialties for PhD and MPhil Degree

  1. PhD in Marketing
  2. PhD in Economics
  3. Health Science
  4. History
  5. Accounting
  6. IT
  7. Quantitative Methods

MPhil Research Fields or Specialties

  1. Geographical Research
  2. Physics
  3. History of Art and Architecture
  4. Medical
  5. Applied Epidemiology
  6. Economics


Tips and Reasons to Choose MPhil Degree or PhD Degree

It is important to know the difference between PHD and MPhil degree so that you will know if you want to gain an MPhil degree or a PhD degree.

  • Choose MPhil over PhD degree if you want a shorter length of study time. The difference between MPhil and PhD is that MPhil can be completed in 2 years of full-time study, while PhD can in 3 years. MPhil is used as a training course in research work, and it can be a preliminary stage for PhD and requires less pages to be written, which can be counted with our words to pages calculator.
  • Choose MPhil over PhD if you want to undertake a detailed investigation. In a PhD, the work is limited in scope. For MPhil, it is more detailed on the investigation of practical illustrations.
  • Choose MPhil over PhD if you want the most advanced master’s degree. If you want to pursue a research degree without investing much time and money, you can choose MPhil because the study time is shorter than a PhD is. An MPhil degree fulfills the students’ ambition in getting their own research degree without taking a PhD.
  • Choose MPhil over PhD if you want a simpler degree that demands quality and uniqueness.  You may also want to select an MPhil over PhD to focus on a narrower, more specialized area.

It is essential to know MPhil vs PhD difference so that you will know which one is a better option for you. If you want to invest more time and effort, then consider getting a PhD, but an MPhil if you’re looking to make use of the knowledge and skills you earned faster. So if you’re asking “ Is MPhil a PhD?” the answer is no.

MPhil Application Essays

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