How to Edit Your Own PhD Proposal Writing

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Do You Need Help with Editing Your PhD Proposal Writing?

No one writes perfectly the first time around. We all make mistakes with our typing and will often put together sentences that when reread make little sense. But your PhD research proposal must be written perfectly if you are going to get accepted to conduct your research. It must be highly persuasive and able to covey your personal passion for your field as well as putting forward a feasible plan for your research.

How you write is going to have a major impact on your chances of success so you will have to ensure that you carefully edit and proofread your writing before submission. Even a single error could be enough to have your proposal set aside. But editing your own work is not easy, most of us will tend to read what we wanted to write and will not actually see what is really written.

Best Tips for Proposal Editing

Because editing and proofing your own work is so difficult it is often best to have another do it for you. However, that is not always possible. Sometimes you will have to edit your own work and you must ensure that you do the best possible job if you hope to impress.

The following editing tips will help you to ensure that you improve your proposal:

  • Leave as long as possible between writing and editing: The longer that you leave the more likely you are to spot issues with your writing.
  • Do an initial check for spelling and grammatical issues using your computer: Most software has a good check built in, however, theses should not be trusted to catch every error. Nor will software be able to improve flow and your word choices.
  • Slow down your reading by printing out your proposal in a larger than usual font: Also touch each word as you read through and mask off adjoining sentences to prevent distractions.
  • Be concise: Use the minimum words possible to make your point. Cut down sentences as much as possible to remove all filler from your writing.
  • Ensure that each sentence contains just the one idea: Multiple ideas in one sentence makes them difficult to read and confusing.
  • Review the words that you use: Avoid all use of slang, acronyms and don’t try to be overly clever by using words selected from your thesaurus. Your words should be understandable by anyone reading your proposal and should not be confusing in any way.
  • Look for all of the common errors that you are likely to make: For example as confusing its and it’s or that instead of who.
  • Review carefully the style guidelines that you have been tasked with following: Double check that your format is correct and that citations and referencing are as requirements.
  • If your proposal contains calculations and figures double check them all: Ensure that they are all accurate.
  • Read your proposal aloud and play it back to listen for any issues: This is often a very effective way to highlight issues with your writing.

Of course, once you have done all of the above, do it again. It is rare that you will find all issues on your initial check.

Our Research Proposal Services Can Edit Your Work

We offer superior editing support through PhD qualified experts that are also certified editors. They will be able to provide you with a fully marked up copy of your proposal with all of the changes that they suggest. You then have to choice to accept those choices that you agree with giving you full control over what you finally submit. If you think that there are still improvements to be made then our experts offer unlimited revisions and will always work with you until you are totally satisfied with the results of their editing.

Our research proposal services are highly affordable as well as being covered by a full satisfaction money back guarantee to provide you with full protection.

So if you are looking for reliable and quick proofreading of your PhD proposal writing just get in touch with our specialized and very effective services here today!

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