Effective PhD Research Methodology

It is not unusual to find students having a hard time coming up with an effective PhD research methodology especially if this is their first time to handle such an extensive PhD research project. What’s even more challenging is the fact that there is no single method to use since there are different approaches to take. This is what hinders most students who face the task of doing a research methodology for their PhD. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and that is to have an expert to back you up.

5 Major Strengths of Qualitative Research Techniques

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Tips for Writing a Successful PhD Research Methodology

Creating a methodology section that will fully meet the expectations of the committee that will review your paper is not going to be easy, especially if this is the first time you have had to do this. The following tips will help you with fully understanding what you need to include within this section of your paper:

  1. Introduction: This section provides an overview of how the chapter is organized. It should state the research questions that you are seeking to answer and the rationale for the style of research that you are intending to undertake.
  2. Research samples: This section should detail the population and the location of your research.  It should contain enough information for the reader to fully understand where the data for your paper has been generated and drawn from.
  3. What information will be collected: Fully describe the type and form of the information that you will be collecting for your study so as to be able to answer your research questions.
  4. Overview of research design: This section should provide an overview of how the different parts of your research from data collection through to analysis are organized and fit together.  Often this section will contain a diagram to illustrate.
  5. Methods for data collection: Fully detail how you have collected the data for your research as well as any limitations with what you have done. This should be in sufficient detail for anyone else to be able to replicate the methods that you used.
  6. Analysis and synthesis: Show how you organized and managed your data and conducted the analysis of the information that you collected so as to arrive at your findings.
  7. Ethical considerations: It is important to show that you have taken care to identify and respond to any ethical issues that may be relevant to the research that you have conducted.
  8. Trustworthiness: You must demonstrate that you are fully aware of any issues that may be related with how you have collected your data and show how you have taken steps to ensure that the data can be trusted.
  9. Study limitations: Different methods have their own limitations and these should be discussed along with anything that is specific to your personal research. All limitations need to be explicitly acknowledged within this part of your chapter.
  10. Summary of the chapter: This should be a concise summary of the whole chapter that needs to pull together all of the most important points raised in the previous sections of this chapter.

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Different Doctoral Research Methods Applied

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