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Do You Need Help with PhD Proposal Writing?

Before you are able to pursue your own personal research for your PhD you will first need to get it approved. This is done through your PhD research proposal which needs to be written in a persuasive way to demonstrate that you have the skills to do the job, that your idea is important to your field, that your plans are feasible, and that your research is suitable for doctorate level work. If you cannot achieve this through your proposal writing then you are likely to be rejected.

Of course this is not going to be easy and many students will struggle to meet the standards that are expected of them. Not only must your proposal be totally robust it must also be written in absolutely perfect academic English with no errors at all in your writing. One way to understand what is expected of you is of course to look at a PhD research proposal example; this can show you exactly what your own proposal should look like and what should be included within it.

How Should Your PhD Proposal Be Structured?

Most universities and other institutions have their own very specific requirements regarding how their proposals should be written and formatted. So it is always best to discuss it first with your supervisor to fully understand exactly what is expected from you. More often than not they will be able to provide you with a correctly formatted template to use; although you should still check this when you first use on your own computer as some programs have been known to alter formatting.

The following structure is fairly typical of what most PhD programs will expect from you with regards to the structure of your own proposal:

  • Title page: this is a preliminary title for your research and may change as you conduct your actual research.
  • Abstract: this is a summary of your proposal that should be around a page in length, you will usually write this section last.
  • Literature review: this section should clearly show that you have a comprehensive understanding of the research that has been conducted within your proposed area of study. It should clearly show the background to your own research as well as what is already known and unknown in your field.
  • Research problem, aims and objectives: leading on from your literature review you should show the specific problem that you have identified for your own research. This in turn should lead to the specific aims and objectives of your intended research.
  • Methodology: this is where you need to explain how you will actually conduct your research. You need to ensure that your methods are appropriate and feasible and also show how you would analyze the data that you collect.
  • Ethical considerations: many programs will expect you to consider the ethics of the research that you intend to do and to approach it in a way that is not going to raise any issues.
  • Research impact: this is where you will show the true importance of your research not just to your field but also to society in general. The more value that your research can add the more likely it is to be considered.
  • Research plan: a detailed plan showing what you will do and when. Some programs will expected this plan to also come with budget costs.
  • References: this should be a correctly formatted list of all of the research and literature that you have used in coming up with your proposal.

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