Research Paper – How to Extend a Paper Length

Why Would You Want to Know How to Extend Paper Length?

When you are setting a paper you are usually given a number of pages or a word count to aim for. This is so that you will cover the paper in sufficient depth to provide the information that your tutor expects you to uncover and write about. Sometimes however for many different reasons we will fail to meet the minimum amount expected and will need to know how to extend a paper length so that we will not fall short of what is expected. So knowing how to inflate your paper quickly is a skill that you may need to employ so that your tutor does not make an immediate judgment that your paper is poor simply because it is shorter than expected. Often you will just need to squeeze out a few extra lines or paragraphs to pass the minimum that they expect.

There are actually many ways how to extend a paper that you could use, some more effective than others. What you need to avoid however is your tutor noticing that you have used anything less than ethical in making your paper longer. They want to see that your essay is written concisely and covers all of the points that they expect to see. To ensure your paper will be accepted use words to pages converter.

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How to Expand a Paper to Increase Your Word Count

The ideal situation is that you will meet the minimum word count with an essay that it concisely was written and that it will cover all of the facts to the depth that your tutor expects. Sometimes however either due to time constraints or a lack of understanding of the subject, we will fall short. When we want to make that paper longer, however, we want to do it in a way that will not be obvious to your tutor. So simply adding a huge amount of fluff to what we have written or adding a couple of blank lines between each paragraph should really be last resorts. The following will run through some methods that you could use.

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Add Additional Value to Your Paper by Knowing How to Extend a Paper Correctly

The best option for extending your paper is always going to be by adding something that will actually add some value to what you have written. This is always going to be preferable to any other method and will be unlikely to affect your grades negatively. The following tips on how to extend paper length should be employed:

  • Don’t fall short in the first place: create an outline for your paper before you even start to write. Not only does this help you write quickly while avoiding rewriting it will also help you to identify areas of your paper which may be lacking in substance. This allows you to do additional research to add extra ideas to those parts of your paper before you even start to write and avoiding the issue entirely.
  • Conduct some extra research to identify extra information that could be slotted into relevant areas of your paper such as your literature review. This can be easy to do if you have relied on only one source such as the internet, a quick trip to the library to look at relevant journals and textbooks will often uncover a huge amount that you could use.
  • Use a counter-argument: instead of just simply trying to prove your hypothesis provide an alternative explanation. Not only will this add extra words to your paper it will also show your tutor your ability to consider alternative arguments.
  • Add extra quotations to what you have written to provide additional words for your paper. This can not only boost the length of your paper it can add extra weight to your argument.


Alternative Ways to Extend Length of Paper

Doing extra research is not always possible and you may have to find quicker and less value adding methods to lengthen your paper. Used sparingly these methods can effectively add extra length to your paper. However, you should not try to use all of the methods together as it will be easily spotted by your tutor:

  • Remove all pronouns from your writing and use the proper noun instead. For instance instead of saying “the book…” use the full name of the book as well as spelling out the author’s full name.
  • Use more descriptive terms for everything that you have to say. Done well this can even make your writing sound better.
  • Remove all of the contractions that you have used within your paper; so don’t will become do not.
  • Work on your formatting to add additional length:
    • Use a different font that takes up more space to increase your page length
    • Increase your font size to 12.5
    • Add a double space following every period of your paper
    • Increase the font size of only the periods and commas to 14pt
    • Increase the line spacing slightly to lengthen each page
    • Split each longer paragraph into two to add an extra line
    • Add a few extra words to any paragraphs that end close to the right margin to gain an extra line
    • Increase the margins on each side slightly to squeeze out a little extra length
    • Add a footer with page numbers etc or a header with the page title

How to Expand Your Writing with a Text Inflator

A text inflator is a simple tool that we can provide you with that will quickly and automatically add additional words to your paper to increase its length. Just simply copy and paste your own text into the box provided on the tool and let it know how much additional text you need to have added.

The tool will then work through your text and will replace shorter words with longer ones or even short phrases. It will also add modifiers to many of your verbs and adjectives so as to quickly and effectively increase the length of your paper. This will increase your paper length without making any changes to the formatting of your paper. Learn more about formatting and structure with a high-quality PhD research proposal sample.

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We Can Help You to Extend Length of Paper Professionally

Whether you are looking to have your paper extended or to get support with writing your paper from the start our specialists can help writing PhD research proposal you need. We can provide you with help through highly experienced subject qualified experts that will work with you to ensure that your paper is perfectly written to the expectations of your tutor.

We provide support that will result in work that is error-free and unique to you at all times.

If you don’t know how to extend a paper length to meet your tutor’s expectations just get in touch with our experts here today or use our free text inflating tool.

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