How to Start a Research Project Planning

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Do You Need to Do Research Project Planning?

planning a research projectOne of the biggest reasons for not having a proposal accepted is that the student has chosen methods that are unlikely to support the research that they are trying to do. Planning how you are going to undertake your research is a vital part of any academic project and you will need to ensure that you think of and cover everything within your planning. Your research project plan is usually presented in the form of a proposal that will need to satisfy your tutors.

Your proposal will need to show that you have done all of the background work to show that you will be able to perform research that is important within your field and also feasible. Planning to perform your research within the time that you have available is not going to be easy and in itself can be a significant project to undertake. Many students at all levels will struggle with their planning; but without it they will either not be allowed to do their research or they will fail when they undertake it.

Tips for Planning a Research Project

planning a research project helpEffectively planning your project will require the writing of a proposal for your research. Well written this will not only provide you with a clear outline of how you will conduct your future research it will also provide you with a lot of the groundwork and research actually required for your paper. Many students consider this as just another stage without truly considering the benefits that it can provide them throughout their actual research project and its writing.

Your proposal will need to be structured and formatted according to the requirements of the course that you are studying. Your tutor will often be able to provide you with a template that you will be able to use for your writing. A typical research proposal against which you will plan your project will look something like this:

research project planningThe Abstract: this is a summary of what your project is about and will undertake, usually written as the last section.

research project planning onlineProblem definition / Introduction: This is where you introduce what your research is about and the thesis that you hope to answer. Selecting the right topic area and defining your thesis is one of the most important steps in planning your business research project. Get this wrong and your whole project could go nowhere.

research project planning serviceProblem background / literature research: within this section you will provide the reader with information that shows what has already been researched within this area and also why your problem is important to answer within your field.

research project planning sampleMethodology / Research design: this is the section in which you will outline the methods that you will use to actually undertake your research. You will have to clearly show that what you will undertake will be feasible and within your own capabilities.

research project planning tipsExpected Results: while you will have no data at this point you should be able to intelligently speculate as to what your research will show and how you will analyze the data that you collect.

research project planning samplesReferences and appendices: this section will show the sources that you have used. One of the appendices that you include should also be a project plan. This should clearly show:

research project planning help onlineThe specific steps that are required for your research

research project planning help exampleWhen each step will start and be completed

research project planning help examplesThe costs associated with your research if applicable

As with all plans that you make they may have to change as you actually start your research and find out more about what you are doing.

“Your research proposal is not a binding document; it is a proposal. It is well understood by all concerned that the research you end up pursuing may be different from that in your proposal.
Instead of treating your proposal as a final, binding document, think of it as a flexible way to plan an exciting (but feasible) project that you would like to pursue.” McGill University

We Can Help with Your Research Project Plan

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