Learn How To Write A Research Proposal For PhD

Why PhD Students Need a Good Research Proposal for Dissertation

Graduate students in PhD programs are going to have to write a dissertation at some point to complete the PhD program they are in. In many cases the dissertation will be the major determining factor in whether or not the student is granted a PhD degree. Dissertations are often based on research that a student conducts in their field, but before starting a research program a research proposal must be submitted and approved.

It is definitely to the students benefit to write a good research proposal. Not only is it necessary to get research programs approved. It is also preliminary work that would need to be done for the dissertation anyway, even if a proposal wasn’t required. Pretty much everything that is in the research proposal will also be included in the dissertation. There is also the added advantage of being able to spot potential problem areas in advance. Knowing how to write a research proposal for PhD dissertations is essential.

How to Write a Research Proposal for PhD Dissertation Research

The research proposal for PhD application is an important step in the PhD process and must be approved before you can carry on with your research. The steps in how to write a research proposal for PhD research projects are:

  • Come up with a working title that makes it clear what your research project is about.Discussion about how to write a research proposal for PhD dissertation projects.
  • Introduction. Write a clear statement about what you want to research and why it is important, interesting, relevant and realistic.
  • Develop a research question/thesis. State your main research objectives.
  • Literature review. Background knowledge and context of the area in which you wish to work, including key literature and research findings. Show how your proposed work links to the work of others in the same or related fields.
  • Methodology. Explain the methods/approach you intend to use and how you will conduct your research.
  • Provide a projected timetable for your research project.
  • List of the key references which support your research proposal

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