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A synopsis or project proposal is something that you will have to deliver and have approved before you will be allowed to actually pursue your PhD synopsis writing. Often it can take a huge amount of research in its own right and a lot of writing with many proposals being in the region of 2000 to 3000 words. Knowing how to structure your proposal and the correct writing style is as important as the work that you are actually proposing. Anything less than perfection with your synopsis could lead to you being sent straight back to the drawing board.

Because of this, it can be advisable to get help writing a synopsis through a professional company such as ours to ensure that you have everything covered. We can ensure that your proposal is well thought out and persuasive enough to allow you to pursue your research.

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What Should You Include When Writing a Thesis Synopsis

Writing a research proposal or a synopsis takes great care and must be done in a way that will show the reader that you are capable of conducting the research and writing that you are proposing. Any issues with your writing or the content of your paper could give the impression that you are not ready to go ahead with your investigations. You must fully understand just what you should be including in your PhD synopsis writing.

The following are the usual headings for this paper although you may find that your specific program will expect something slightly different. Always fully check their specific expectations:

  • Introduction: this section introduces the project and provides the reader with some background to the issues and why it is important that the study is done.
  • Literature review: this should be a brief review of the available literature showing what is already known in the area of your research.
  • Objectives: this section should detail out what the objectives of your research are as well as the specific questions that you will answer.
  • Methodology: this should detail out the methods that you will use to gather data and to analyze it as well as justifying your selection.
  • Results: this section will detail out the results that are expected from your research.
  • Conclusions: what you expect to find in relation to your initial research questions and objectives.

How Will We Work with You to Write Your Synopsis?

Our synopsis help provides you with direct communication with our experts; how else will they be able to get a firm idea of what your proposed research will involve. They will use their expertise to be able to provide you with as little or as much help as you need when crafting your synopsis.

They can help you with all of the following areas within your synopsis and more:

  • Defining your topic area and research questions
  • Doing literature research for your proposal
  • Defining your proposed methodology
  • Help with writing or editing your synopsis


Our Staff Is Qualified to Help You

Writing a synopsis is not something that you can ask of just anyone. This is why you need our PhD proposal help. With more than 5 years of experience helping students from all around the globe we have built up a team of more than 200 experts that cover almost every possible subject area. This ensures that when it is time for you to write your synopsis you can call on us and we will provide you with an expert that is:

  • Qualified with a masters or PhD degree in the field of your proposed research
  • Highly experienced in writing proposals for your level of research
  • Able to correctly structure and format your synopsis
  • Has access to and a wide understanding of relevant research to your field
  • Has excellent English language writing and speaking skills

Make your synopsis writing easy by getting in touch with our professional Phd services for all of the writing and editing support you need.

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