Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Qualitative Research Critique

What Is Qualitative Research and Why Is It so Hard to Critique?

Qualitative research is all about understanding and what people say rather than specific numbers and measurements as are used within quantitative research. It is often used as the first port of call when starting to investigate a particular area where you may want to gather people’s opinions and feelings about something before doing more rigorous studies that involve more measurements and data collection. A qualitative research critique is a review of that research to assess it against given criteria.

Because of its nature, some academics feel that it is of limited reliability as results are too easy to bias based on the opinions of the person conducting the study. There are however several frameworks that can be used to try to maintain the neutrality of the person writing a qualitative research paper. Critiquing studies that have been done also has the same failings, it is far too easy for the person conducting the qualitative research article critique to take a less than neutral view of what has been undertaken.

Qualitative research is hard to conduct and also to critique as it relies often on people’s perceptions of what has been said. Trying to maintain your neutrality when critiquing a piece of research is for many the hardest thing about conducting the study, especially if they themselves have strong feelings or opinions regarding the study being critiqued.

How to Conduct and Create a Qualitative Research Critique

Writing a qualitative research critique is never going to be easy no matter how you approach it. However, you should always run through the following if you are to be sure of the effectiveness of the research that you are critiquing:

  • The first step in critiquing qualitative research is to ask yourself if there are clear research aims? There must be clear questions raised and stated clearly that the paper will set out to answer.
  • Have they selected appropriate methodology when writing a qualitative research paper? Are there more appropriate methods that should have been considered?
  • Was the design of the researchable to address the research aims? Did they actually follow what they said they were going to do?
  • Was the way subjects were selected appropriately for the research aims? Have they used participants that are able to comment on the situation being observed?
  • Has the data been collected in an appropriate manner? For instance, have observed the phenomena rather than using an interview or questionnaire to gather data.
  • Is there any relationship between the person conducting the investigation and the subjects themselves?
  • Have any ethical issues been taken into consideration within the study?
  • Was the analysis of data conducted in a rigorous manner? Has the writer jumped too quickly to making assumptions?
  • Have the findings been clearly shown and demonstrated within the paper?
  • What is the value of the research? Does it repeat previous works? Has it been done poorly or in a biased manner? Can the findings be trusted?

Why Might You Need Help with Writing a Qualitative Research Critique?

Critiquing qualitative research essay papers and other works is not a simple task no matter how you approach it. It can be a highly time consuming and difficult process to undertake. If you have little or no interest in the subject or even if you have strong feelings regarding it, you may find it hard to create a critique that is truly neutral in its approach.

For many that are new to conducting a critique, it is far easier to have an expert provide you with support. Someone that has many years of experience with writing a qualitative research critique will be able to provide you with a well written paper that you can trust to be unbiased in its approach. The expert will also be able to ensure that it is well written as well as being structured and formatted in the way that is required.

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