The Greatest PhD Research Topics in Computer Science

list of great PhD research topics in computer science

Choosing PhD Research Topics in Computer Science

The biggest part of earning your PhD in computer science will be the dissertation. If you are just starting your PhD computer science studies and haven’t settled on a topic for your dissertation you don’t have to panic yet. There are many others in much the same circumstances.

There aren’t many required courses at that level but there are usually a wide variety of different computer science classes to choose from. Start out by expanding your areas of interest and take a few classes in different areas to see if anything catches your interest. Also, find out more how to write a research proposal for PhD.

Any PhD research topics in computer science you choose should meet the following criteria:

  • It should interest you – computer science PhD research topics you are considering need to be interesting to you. You are going to be spending a huge amount of time on whatever topic you choose. Far better it is something you are interested in than something that bores you.
  • It must be significant – it should be something people are interested in and care about. If nobody cares whether or not you solve the problem or issue then it probably won’t be approved for your dissertation.
  • It must be achievable in a reasonable amount of time – two types of problems that you should avoid when choosing a topic are:
  1. Well-known problems where little or no progress has been made for some time even though many are trying. These types of problems will take too much time.
  2. Problems that are easy to solve but have too many components to solve quickly. These types of problems also tend to use too much time.

Possible PhD Research Topics in Computer Science

The following is a list of potential research topics in computer science for PhD dissertations you may want to consider:

  • Computer systems for reasoning about binding
  • Algorithmic aspects of communication networks
  • Data scalability: decentralizing cloud resources
  • Formalization of argumentation system
  • Data mining methods for large-scale data
  • Automata theory and logic
  • Ontology and the semantic web
  • Synchronous systems
  • Mining high-speed data streams
  • Optimization of wireless mesh networking

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