Tips for Getting PhD in Fine Arts

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Earning a PhD in Fine Arts

Fine art is a broad field that covers multiple areas such as painting, sculpture, music, poetry film, photography, crafts, and more. Some programs include performing arts such as dance and theater along as well. Students pursuing a doctorate in art generally have an academic career in mind. The PhD is the terminal degree in fine arts and requires that you submit a dissertation based on original research you have conducted in the field.

Tips for Completing a PhD in Art History

Art history research PhD programs or any other doctorate programs in fine arts are generally for those wishing to pursue an academic career. A fine arts PhD program, as with others at the doctorate level is no walk in the park.

The following are a few tips to keep in mind in order to complete a fine arts PhD successfully:

  • Be fully committed to your PhD. Put 100 percent effort into your research project. You may have to sacrifice some good times now for a payoff down the road.
  • Select your fine arts research topic and supervisor with care. Ending up with a topic or supervisor you don’t particularly care for can make your entire PhD experience a miserable one.
  • Be dependable. Follow through on anything you say you will do. Adhere to whatever plan you and your supervisor agree on and let them know as early as possible if you will be unable to fulfill a commitment.
  • Accept that it will be difficult. For the vast majority of people completing a PhD is difficult. That is the nature of the beast and almost every student is going to encounter problems along the way to completing their doctorate in fine arts degree. Keep a positive attitude and ask for help if you need it.
  • Read all the papers you can in your topic area early on. You need a good overview of research that has already been done in your area. This adds to your knowledge and lets you know how your own work will fit in with what has already been done.

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Suggestions and Tips for Writing Your Fine Arts Dissertation

Your dissertation will make up the bulk of your PhD fine arts requirements. It should contribute something new to the field and demonstrate you have the knowledge and skills required to conduct PhD level research in your specific field.

The following are some basic tips to keep in mind when writing your dissertation:

  • Use a clear and concise style of writing: a longer dissertation doesn’t mean it is better. Avoid flowery language with a lot of unnecessary words.
  • Support all statements that you make with evidence: as with any research paper, you must provide evidence that backs up what you say.
  • Develop an outline early: your outline maps out how you will write your dissertation and where you will go with it. Without an outline, you may become easily sidetracked and be lost before you realize it
  • Follow any specific writing requirements your fine arts program: most programs have specific requirements they expect you to follow. These supersede anything else you may read online about how to write a dissertation
  • Proofread: at the PhD level simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are unacceptable

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