Tips For Writing Good PhD In Clinical Research

Writing Dissertation PhD in Clinical Research

To earn a PhD degree one of the major requirements will be writing your dissertation. The dissertation is meant to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skill to complete independent research in your particular field at the PhD level. A PhD candidate must first identify a problem or issue that is¬†considered worthy of further research and then show how their proposed research project will contribute to the solution of the problem. PhD clinical research or PhD in cancer research¬†projects that will form the basis of dissertations must first be approved by a committee before the actual research begins. Although the approval of a project proposal for a dissertation PhD in clinical research doesn’t guarantee success, it does indicate that the project chosen and the proposed research methods have some merit and are a step in the right direction.



Writing Tips for a PhD in Clinical Research Dissertation

Dissertations are often written based on work done in clinical research. PhD candidates working on their dissertations can use the following tips and suggestions to improve their dissertation writing skills:

  • Write at every opportunity. If you can write everyday at the same time and place. Reports, summaries of your progress or articles you may be working on are all good training for writing your dissertation.
  • Write up your PhD research as you go along and set some short term deadlines. This helps:
    • Give you a sense of progress because you have physical output to point to and helps develop your academic writing skills.
    • Provides good notes to work from. Original rough notes often seem incomprehensible after a few months.
    • Helps get your thinking clear and precise, enabling you to spot gaps, flaws and assumptions in your thinking.
  • Keep writing, even if you are out of ideas. As you write, ideas will come to mind and eventually make it into the computer.Writing a PhD dissertation takes time. Start with your core material and add more arguments and references as you write. Each time you proofread, you will likely see ways to improve your writing.
  • Writing a PhD dissertation is a big job. If you run into difficulties you may want to consider using the PhD research service we provide.

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