Tips On PhD Thesis Research

Tips On PhD Thesis Research

As a graduate student, one of the most essential types of research to accomplish in order to complete your course is the PhD thesis research, but this is also one of the most dreadful and challenging of all. Experts agree, therefore, there are four typical stages for a graduate student:

  • Knowing everything
  • Knowing nothing
  • Gaining confidence
  • And being knowledgeable and confident.

tips on phd thesis research

Well before reaching the fourth stage, you will have to undergo the typical processes or stages involved in PhD thesis research, and those are selection of area and advisor, becoming a researcher in the area, making a research proposal, producing results, writing, getting comments from the committee, defending your paper and the ever prestigious publications and follow-on work! Whew…

Tips to Do While Researching

  • Read recent proceedings and ask seniors what the best papers are.
  • Keep a notebook for gathering empirical and initial data.
  • Following the references from paper to paper, until you gained enough knowledge, and then building a mental model. Finally, you will have to look for holes which do not receive much attention.

Thesis Proposal Questions and Tips

  1. What’s your approach to use?
  2. Do you have a secret weapon? What is it?
  3. How will you measure your progress?
  4. Is there a chance to succeed in this research being it able to meet completion criteria?
  5. What is the significance of the study and how will it change the latest or the state-of-the-art?

PhD Thesis Research Hints

  1. Stay true and be honest all the time avoiding claims exaggeration but being open to weaknesses.
  2. You should pick a specific problem as well as a manageable project size. Don’t ever think of coming up with a big and vague problem, which success chances may not be as high as compared if you would choose a problem of a manageable size, something better than a large project, which may also be unachievable.
  3. You should also be able to prepare or get ready with a schedule, preferably month to month, as in targeting and hitting small deadlines. This will help you avoid cramming and rushing things up to fog your results. There has to be milestones in your PhD research, so you should be realistic and flexible for setting them.

PhD Thesis Research Success Tips and Tricks

  1. Don’t plan to write in a hurry; instead plan and set milestones for every research stage.
  2. Don’t spend time on formatting your paper yet.
  3. Take care of the content to include in your research paper, as in no room for errors in spelling, typos and style, among others.Write for an audience meaning you have to pick your language and tone properly. For the best results, you should write for the people in your field in general and not only for a limited group of people specializing in a specific sub-field.
  4. Organize your document and make it easy to read referring to the format of your paper. Your PhD paper shouldn’t be just a collection of results or a chronological data record.
  5. Have the mission of motivating the reader by ensuring they understand the problem presented highlighting its relevance or significance.

Definitely, planning for and writing your PhD thesis research is time-consuming, complex and challenging, but it is also rewarding to accomplish a PhD research that passes the committee’s critical taste and criteria.

Follow these tips for a sure-fire success on PhD thesis research today!


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