Types of PhD Research Methods: Only What You Need to Know

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Research is a vast and extensive field based on a variety of categories. You can’t think of ending up in conducting a research paper in an identical way every time. Therefore, the kinds of research methods have been developed to show the major differences between them. Such types are also important to be in the known for differentiating their nature and using right method for the to-be-conducted study. There are six general types of research methods. Each type is distinctive in nature from every other kind. The actual purpose of developing these methods is due to the need of obtaining research results in distinguished ways for the accurate final figures or facts.

Do you know that there are various methods of conducting a study even by using a single type of research method? For example, the qualitative research is not only based on the similar process of collecting data, preparing a literature review, developing methodology and many other steps. Therefore, you can say that each method of research is comprised of the further kinds. Finding a PhD topic also plays a vital role in choosing appropriate PhD research methods. There is a mixed research approach based on the use of two types of methods i.e. qualitative and quantitative methods.

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PhD Research Methodology: Differences Between Other Researchers and PhD Thesis

When it comes to conducting study for PhD, the scenario seems fully different. The procedure of conducting the research for the doctorate program is a bit complex and based on some unique methods. There are some major differences that can help you out about distinguishing PhD researches with the other ways of conducting academic studies. See them below:

  • There are certain methods used specifically for conducting the doctorate program studies. The mixed research approach is ideal to choose for a variety of PhD academic papers.
  • The methods of preparing a theoretical analysis of PhD theses are different as compared to the studies conducted for M.Phil or bachelor’s degree.
  • Never think that there would be the same process of writing a research proposal for the PhD dissertation. It is also comprised of some unique steps.

From PhD research methodology to the results, it is true that conducting an academic study is different than doing it for graduate or postgraduate degree.

How to Write PhD Research Question in Methodology Section?

Like any other kind of conducting an academic study, the survey is considered as important part of it for sampling. However, it is done on some advanced level. The questionnaires designed for PhD research papers are more complex and requires answers based in facts and examples. Take a look of few questions to have an idea. The questions are related to the study conducted for paper related to Telecom industry.

  • Does the infrastructure of telecom sector have a higher role to provide excellent services to buyers?
  • How to save cost of manufacturing services to earn more profit?
  • As a customer, what do you expect to be in the telecom services?

These are few questions that would give you an idea of conducting research study in appropriate kanner. It is important for you to have proper branch of knowledge for it.

The Major Types of Research Methods

The research methods are based on six common types used by an expert as well as newbie researchers across the globe. From the qualitative to types of quantitative research method, you would get to know what kinds of researches are further divided into various categories.
But firstly, you have to know about the types of research methods.

  • Qualitative research: The study based on more theoretical data rather than figures to be conducted by the researcher.
  • Quantitative research: The statistical research comprised of the figure-based results.
  • Problem-solving research: Study based on methodology to cope with certain problems. It provides solutions in the findings.
  • Problem-oriented study: The research based on any major issue that has to be resolved by using appropriate tools.
  • Applied research: Practical application of science based on the firm of systematic inquiry is known as applied research.
  • Basic research: The objective to improve scientific theories for prediction of different phenomenon and understanding through a scientific research.

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Research Methodology in Social Science and Natural Science

The methods of conducting researches in natural and social sciences are different in nature. The social science is a field based on subjects like business, economics etc. However, Natural sciences is comprised of the categories like Physics, Biomedical science, Chemistry etc. The use of quantitative methods for conducting natural sciences is more as compared to the social sciences. On the other hand, social science’s based studies are usually conducted in a qualitative method.

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Are you aware of the types of PhD research methods? This is one of the most important things to learn before beginning the work on research draft!