Why It’s Not So Easy: Writing Thesis PhD Chemistry


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Purpose of Earning a Doctorate in Chemistry

Chemistry is a physical science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter. There are a number of different sub-disciplines which you may choose to specialize in. A PhD in chemistry is usually undertaken by those wanting to pursue an academic and/or research career. To earn a PhD a chemistry graduate student must conduct original research in their field and present it in the form of a dissertation.

Common Problems Encountered by PhD Chemistry Candidates

Whether your goal is a PhD in organic chemistry or another sub-discipline there are some common obstacles that can hamper students along the way. These include:

  • Looking too far ahead: When you look at everything that has to be done to complete a chemistry PhD dissertation it can be discouraging and you can end up paralyzed by the huge stack of tasks in front of you. Try looking at the entire job in small manageable chunks.
  • Poor topic selection: Many students start out wanting to write a dissertation that will get them nominated for a Nobel Prize and try to accomplish too much. Others choose a topic they quickly lose interest in. Select a topic that holds your interest and allows you to submit a good dissertation and don’t worry about achieving fame and fortune with it.
  • Focusing too much on classroom work: Obviously you want to do well in any classes you take. However nobody really cares about GPA in PhD programs if you pass. It’s all about your research and your dissertation.
  • Lack of initiative: Your dissertation is a written representation of a personal research effort that you are in charge of. Waiting for your supervisor to tell you what to do is a mistake you don’t want to make. Although a supervisor’s guidance is helpful don’t wait to do something until they tell you to.
  • Poor writing skills: Part of a good research project is communicating information. You need to be able to explain and present your work in a way that can be understood. A well written dissertation has a much better chance of being accepted.

Chemistry Dissertation Writing Tips

Writing chemistry PhD thesis is difficult and it may take several years to complete. Here are some basic tips that may make the task a little bit easier:

  • Make sure your bibliography is complete: Ensure you have included all sources used, that reference information is complete and in the correct format.
  • Read other chemistry dissertations: Reviewing other dissertations in your field will give you some idea as to how to present your own paper.
  • Write from an outline: Before you start actually writing your dissertation develop a detailed outline that you can follow to avoid getting sidetracked
  • Adhere to any specific writing requirements in your program: Many programs have certain requirements for how you write your paper. Ignore them at your peril.
  • Write first and revise later: Continually revising a small portion of your paper when the bulk of the writing is still to be done is a form of procrastination. Forge ahead with the writing and return later to clean it up.

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