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What is an accounting research proposal? If this is a question that has been on your mind, then relax, because you have come to the right place! Secondly, if you’ve been planning to write an accounting research proposal, then our quintessential services will help guide and direct you in delivering a masterpiece. That being said let us first define what a research proposal in accounting and finance is. In simple terms, you can refer to it as a study-based research project that addresses a specific academic topic in question. Usually, students have a difficult time writing a PhD research proposal in accounting. This is mainly because they tend to focus on the research aspect more than the actual writing process of the proposal. With this in mind, we developed an effective service provision firm that ensures all issues concerning the writing aspect of the proposal is handled professionally.
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Common Mistakes Students Make While Writing an Accounting Research Proposal

Here are some of the most common mistakes that students face when it comes to writing their accounting research project proposal:

  • Selecting a weak topic for research – in a bid to lessen their workload, most students select weak accounting research topics. Well, you might have a little to do, but keep in mind that this will reflect in your content as well. And your lecturer or the panel will notice the scarcity of pertinent content in your research proposal. This will translate to a low grade, and extreme cases, complete failure.
  • Procrastinating on the proposal – procrastination is one of the worst diseases that plague academia. In fact, most students usually submit half-baked research proposals because of beginning their proposals a few days from the deadline date. This definitely isn’t the way to go! Not only do you make yourself susceptible to a high-pressure situation, but also the temptation to plagiarize work will be too much!
  • Failure to maintain communication with the supervisor – another common mistake is a failure to create a consistent avenue of communication with your supervisor so that you can keep them in the know concerning your project. This may result in the student using ineffective research methods as well as omitting some important aspects of their research.

You can also have a look at our PhD research proposal sample in accounting to see other common mistakes that you might make in your proposal unknowingly.

Effective Outline of a Research Proposal in Accounting and Finance

In order to tackle the writing process effectively, the first thing we need to address is the outline. And we can do this by having a look at an effective accounting proposal sample. Yep, many students rarely know the heads or tails of writing an accounting research proposal because of poor explanation from their lecturers or supervisors concerning an outline.

Most proposals normally follow this example of research proposal concerning accounting:

Title page Your title page is the first part of the PhD research proposal. As a rule of thumb, ensure that it is brief and comprehensive and clearly defines what your proposal is all about.
Abstract The abstract is where you discuss the necessary steps and decisions that were taken about the proposal. Furthermore, it is a summary that effectively describes the problem addressed, the objectives, and the requirements that were needed for successes during the project.
Table of contents If you plan to have a long and detailed proposal, then you better make sure that it will contain a table of contents that will effectively highlight where all the tables (list of tables), illustrations (list of figures) and content is placed within the proposal. Try reading the contents of at least one checked sample of research proposal in accounting.
Introduction The introduction should basically begin with a capsule statement, and from there, introduce the subject of discussion to the reader. The introduction should give enough information for a layman to catch wind of exactly what your proposal is all about. Therefore, it is encouraged that you always undertake research with the intention of applying common knowledge and real-life applications to the situation or problem being discussed.
Background When it comes to the background, you need to address the following:

  • Define your research problem clearly and discuss what has been accomplished
  • Give concrete evidence of what you have managed to accomplish in a proficient manner
  • Explain why initial content on the problem statement needed to be explained further
The content of proposed research This is where all the content of your accounting research, including all the data that has been collected concerning the problem statement, has been effectively discussed. This includes information pertaining to various aspects of the project such as:

  • The data collected
  • The methods used during the research
  • The problems encountered during the research
  • Plus any other vital information you feel you should add
Conclusion The conclusion is the closing chapter of your accounting research proposal and this is where you write a short summary of your findings and whether the research you carried out managed to meet the objectives that you had earlier mentioned in the beginning of the proposal.
Citing your sources and references After completing your content, you need to cite your sources. This can consist of the relevant institutions that assisted you in carrying out your research as well as sponsors or secondary sources from which you obtained data.

This is the standard outline that most accounting research proposals follow. However, it may vary slightly from institution to institution and we recommend you have a look at your institution’s proposal writing guideline first before proceeding to write your proposal.


10 Great Accounting Research Proposal Ideas

Here are some great accounting research proposal topics that we believe are ideal for any student in the accounting field:

  • Utilization of modern technology in accounting and the effect that it has
  • How to compare accounting education for both European and Asian based organizations
  • Effective methods used in teaching ethics to university students majoring in accounting
  • How and why does the present day accounting standards live up to given aspirations
  • Importance of teaching accounting ethics to accounting students
  • How and why managers need to utilize accounting data in order to make well-informed decisions.
  • The pros and cons of hiring personal accountants for a given individual
  • The effects of financial markets on large economies around the world
  • Common problems facing financial markets today and how they can be addressed.
  • The impact of organizational culture on the procedures and techniques of accounting.

With these topics, you can be able to come up with a detailed and efficient accounting research proposal. We also encourage you to budget your time, do extensive research, and keep consistent communication with your supervisor if you plan to excel efficiently. We also recommend that you access our services related to economics, law and finance academic writing in case you might have a problem with one aspect of your research proposal or another.

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Features of Our Research Proposal in Accountin Writing Service

Here are some essential features that we provide when it comes to assisting students with their proposals:

  • Writing – when it comes to writing, we have a team of professional writers of Native English speaking origin on standby to assist you in all aspects related to your accounting research proposal. This includes assistance in coming up with an effective topic, conducting adequate research, and crafting a proposal paper that is free from the proverbial grammatical errors that most students make.
  • Editing – we also provide essential help in ensuring that the student writes the paper within the stipulated guidelines of the institution in question. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by providing extensive support so that the student’s content meets all the objectives of the problem statement that has been mentioned.
  • Statistical analysis – this refers to all data and statistical information and procedures that will be carried out when it comes to collection and calculation of data concerning the given project and topic in question, That being said, we will effectively execute any data related tasks and objectives regarding your proposal with the utmost accuracy.

Our accounting research project proposal writing service has the pros and the expertise you can trust, so don’t go anywhere else for a professional writer and get your perfectly written paper today!

So, get in touch with us today for the most effective accounting research proposal writing service, and we will give you the best assistance for all your needs!

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