40+ Great Law Research Paper Topics From Various Areas of Law

Choosing and Successfully Writing on Law Research Topics

The ability to search the facts, process information, and structure thoughts for a lawyer is a criterion of professional suitability. The assignments that students are given at university are often aimed at developing these skills. Being on your academic path, you will often encounter writing on law research paper topics. They will vary depending on the specialization and course you are studying.

Every year, the requirements for a law research paper will increase, and the search for really relevant subjects will become more and more difficult. Therefore, you should prepare morally and, even better, know where to look for the materials and if you need help with writing a paper. After all, having a ready list of possible themes in stock makes it much easier to overcome the fear of an empty sheet and get to work. Further, we will discuss the main nuances of writing these papers and offer you relevant and promising topics in different areas of law.

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How to Choose Among the Many Law Research Paper Topics

The main work starts with choosing the topic. The main rule of successful work here is that the theme must be to your liking. Chasing after a super trendy theme from law topics for research paper that you are not interested in is the same as wearing shoes not of your size or singing not in your tone. Both are possible but uncomfortable, difficult, and, most importantly, not interesting. Stick to the following steps when choosing a topic:

Personal interest: Choosing a theme you are interested in will make the research and writing process much easier, even if the subject is more complicated than others.

Relevance: The topic should be relevant to the present day. Try to find a problem that bothers you now.

Accessibility: You should be able to get information on your subject. Make sure that it is available in sufficient quantity in open sources.

Proper length: Since law research papers are limited in length, make sure that you will be able to cover the issue entirely with these limitations.

Based on these rules, you can easily find a theme and write a paper on corporate, environmental, or criminal law.

15 Perspective Business Law Research Paper Topics

Business law will always be a demanding field, and in this theme, you can always reveal your potential by describing one of the thousands of nuances in this field. Business law research paper gives you the freedom to discuss almost any branch of law because they all relate to business in one way or another. Below, we offer prospective topics for your research paper.

  • Methods and ways of challenging corporate transactions in court.
  • Legal nuances of using artificial intelligence in the corporate environment.
  • Impact of changes in tax legislation on the ownership structure in corporations.
  • The role of business law in regulating technology startups.
  • Legal aspects of funding startups through crowdfunding.
  • Data protection legislation and blockchain technology: privacy issues.
  • Regulation of the business sector in the context of environmental disasters and natural calamities.
  • Application of legal mechanisms to protect patent rights in the biotechnology industry.
  • The role of business law in regulating e-commerce using drones.
  • Valuation of intellectual property in innovative startups from a legal perspective.
  • Use of legal mechanisms for consumer protection in online commerce.
  • The law’s perspective on regulating intellectual property in the music industry.
  • Business regulation in the medical marijuana industry. Norms and regulations.
  • Legal bases for environmental claims in the oil and gas industry.
  • Legal aspects of regulating cryptocurrency payments in the banking industry.

You can take one of these business law research paper topics or use them to inspire you to develop your own one.

15 Relevant Criminal Law Research Topics

Criminal law research paper allows you to delve deeper into the subject and dive deeper into one of the problematic subjects in this field. Below, you can read the current list of criminal law research topics that will help you choose a theme:

  • The impact of changes in legislation on increases or decreases in violent crime.
  • Legal aspects of using evidence obtained through video surveillance and facial recognition technology.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of alternative prosecution measures such as mediation.
  • The impact of changes in drug law on drug abuse and crime.
  • Legal aspects of criminal liability for cybersecurity violations.
  • Legal assessment of the criminal liability of persons who have committed crimes in a state of mental disorder.
  • The role of criminal law in combating cross-border organized criminal groups.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of measures to prevent domestic violence and protect victims.
  • Legal analysis of crimes related to copyright infringement in the digital environment.
  • Peculiarities of criminal procedure and assignment of criminal liability for violations of aviation security.
  • Compliance with modern criminal law requirements in the fight against cyber and Internet fraud.
  • Analysis of the legislation on the death penalty and trends in the abolition of this measure.
  • Analysis of the correspondence between the gravity of the crime and criminal liability for violation of data confidentiality.
  • Legal assessment of methods of combating organized criminal groups on the Internet.
  • Study of the practice of application of criminal liability for violations in the sphere of medicine and health care.

Let us only note that there are some things to remember when choosing law research topics and writing a paper. This helps you avoid making your work more difficult at the very beginning and not make several other mistakes.

  • You must be able to cover the subject entirely in the given volume.
  • You must use only credible and current sources of data.
  • Each reference should be critically evaluated & analyzed.
  • The paper must meet the requirements of your institution.
  • The work should be well-structured and logical.
  • The paper must be completely original.

Up-To-Date Environmental Law Research Topics

One of the trend areas of the last few decades is environmental law. So, if you want to work with it, the following ideas come in handy. Interestingly, the environmental law research topics are always up to date, so you will not have any problems with relevance and finding materials.

  • The role of international environmental law in addressing global environmental problems.
  • Effectiveness of national strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Application of the “polluter pays” principle in environmental law.
  • Point of law in regulating the release of plastic waste into the world’s oceans.
  • New challenges of natural resource management in the context of climate change.
  • Protection of biodiversity and rare species on a global scale.
  • Aspects of zoning and urbanization in developing countries.
  • Assessing measures to protect vulnerable ecosystems.
  • Legislation on climate migrants and the rights of refugees due to environmental disasters.
  • Legal nuances of protecting natural landscapes and natural parks.
  • Ensuring the safety of drinking water and preventing pollution of water resources.
  • Evaluating legal mechanisms to control air pollution.
  • Regulation and protection of the Arctic environment in the context of climate change.
  • Litigation and the role of civil society in environmental protection.
  • Environmental liability of States and international claims procedures.

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