A Guide on How to Choose an Engineering Research Paper Topics

No doubt, there are lots of disciples. However, writing the technical text of the final year project is the common thing in all kinds of disciplines either at bachelor or masters level. Well, it is obvious the level of work also increases with an increase in education level. In the case of Ph.D., the extent and nature of work become so technical and tough that students try to find some good dissertation proposal writing service. In fact, students know this fact very well that only an innovative proposal has a chance to win the decision of the proposal review committee. After getting approval for the proposal, a student becomes eligible to write an engineering research paper. This article is a short guide about how to choose an idea. Let’s see some questions your text must answer.

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7 Things You Need to Do When Writing a Mechanical Engineering Research Paper

The answer of the frequently asked question of “how to write a mechanical engineering research paper?” is based upon some critical steps. Following are the 7 things you must need to do when writing a text:

  • Always choose a proposal for having practical feasibility. Many students try to choose the proposal immediately without looking into the practical feasibility of a proposal. This thing becomes a severe problem after approval of the proposal and facing the difficulties in the availability of facilities related to the proposal. So, always choose such a proposal that has practical feasibility.
  • Sorting of analysis results immediately. Many students do a common mistake while performing the experiments; they do not sort out the results immediately. Ultimately, a huge heap of results comes in front of the students and it becomes very difficult for them to sort out the important and unnecessary results.
  • Emphasis on the quality of results instead of quantity. Don’t focus on collecting a huge quantity of results instead of focusing on the quality of results by performing the experiments in a standard environment that is needed by experiments.
  • Description of the theory behind data. Before including the data in your texts, explain all the terminologies that will be used in the content regarding data. Otherwise, it will remain confusing for the readers to understand the flow of data.
  • Making an outline. Before start, choose the engineering research paper topics, prepare the outline of texts according to the number of chapters and a brief description of data that will be incorporated.
  • Citation of latest literature at priority. There are two things that every student must have to keep into consideration while choosing the reference literature for citation. First of all, only consider the journal publication which is latest and relevant. Secondly, only include the reference articles that have been selected from well-reputed scholarly journals such as IEEE.
  • Formatting of the text. It is different from the social sciences. In the texts, there is a need for the statistical interpretation of data instead of the social science documents where comparison of data is enough to reach up to a conclusion. So, always keep the margin of time to check your academic texts.

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Common Mistakes People Make and Tips To Avoid Them

  • Plagiarism. People usually don’t care about plagiarism rules and do a copy/paste mistake. This is considered a very serious mistake for publishing any content in a reputed journal. If you think that some content is necessary to include in your text, you should re-write it.
  • Lack of material. Another mistake that usually a student commits during writing the text is lack of analysis material. Due to this mistake, they become unable to support their views with authentic references and ultimately got rejection and revisions. So, it is highly advised to collect all the material first and then start writing.
  • Making a wrong connection between the statement and reference material. One more mistake that is usually observed is making a wrong connection between the statement and reference material. Remember! Don’t try to connect the irrelevant reference material with any statement of your text. It will create a negative image for the student and ultimately leads to more difficulties in winning the text.
  • Mistakes in citations and formatting. Mistakes in citations and formatting of the text cannot be ignored by the reviewers and such mistakes make the image of the writer as an irresponsible person. To avoid such a negative image, take care of style requirements in citations.

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