How to Guide on PhD Research Proposal for Computer Science

Writing a PhD proposal for computer science, you might be looking for tips that will help you accomplish it. Check out the following so that you can write a better PhD research proposal computer science that will shine.


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PhD Research Proposal Tips

  • Follow instructions. You should go to the council websites and see to it that your proposal fits the criteria and guidelines so that you can increase your chances to be approved.
  • Break the proposal into several points before starting with the first draft. In this case, you will be able to set small deadlines to complete each small milestone of your project. Decide on how long each section should be, and this includes thinking on how long you will write the introduction, methodology and background material.
  • Who is your audience? Think of your audience and write for them. You must use plain and clear language. You should also avoid using jargons, as they might confuse than help your readers understand what the proposal topic is all about if you would use them.
  • Check your paper against any grammatical and typographic errors. Also, you should keep your writing simple – it is the general rule that applies to all types of writing.
  • Make your readers excited about your paper. Organize it and see to it that it makes a point and it is well integrated. You should also show your enthusiasm in the copy.
  • Write a clear title. See to it that its wording is understandable for the public. You should also take note that the title attracts interest and reflects your study’s goals.
  • If possible, you should be able to highlight on the multidisciplinary aspects of your paper. Additionally, show that your proposed topic of research is feasible – as well as innovative and important.

Topic Ideas for a Research Proposal in Computer Science

  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Large-scale networking
  • Multimedia
  • Large-scale networking
  • Limits of communication and computation

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