List of PhD Research Topics in Management

Easy Guide on How to Find Interesting PhD Research Topics in Management

For PhD programs, a major portion of your grade relies on the quality of your completed research paper. Before you start, make sure that you understand the importance of good topics and how this can help you ensure the excellence of your PhD paper. You will devote a great deal of time to writing your paper, so your PhD research topics in project management should be significant, interesting and practical. Choose PhD research topics in project management that you are passionate about as this will make the progress faster and less stressful and don’t forget about writing a PhD proposal.

list of great PhD research topics in management

Top 10 Lists of Great PhD Research Topics in Strategic Management

We have a wide selection of PhD research topics in project management.

Browse through our list of topics to help you finalize your own topic:

  • Strategic management: how entrepreneurs cope with experiencing business failure.
  • An analysis of contemporary management issues: how organizations foster their social responsibility for better consumer relationship.
  • Global enterprise: the best management practices utilized by Islamic companies.
  • A case study on local industries and the management techniques they use to overcome multinational barriers.
  • Sustainability: the impact on adopting sustainable management strategy in complying with environmental regulations.
  • A study on the ethical management issues of outsourcing factories to India.
  • Management and networking: the various holistic approaches used by organized to create effective business results.
  • How corporations use network markets as a competitive advantage.
  • The innovation of global strategies to accommodate culture-sensitive management approaches.
  • Human resources management: how companies use internet-based employees for flexible labor.

If you are interested learn some PhD research topics in human resource management.

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list of PhD research topics in management

Get 100% Custom PhD Research Topics in Project Management Online

Another good tip when deciding on your topic is to select something that no one in your class will most likely work on. You should utilize your PhD paper as a chance to distinguish yourself and the best way to do that is to choose PhD research topics in project management that are distinctive and relate.

Also, scan for available resources about your topic; this will help you effectively establish your paper easily. Topic selection may seem easy but this is definitely challenging.

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