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Using a Words to Pages Calculator

While pages for bibliography format for research paper are easy to see and count the number of words is not so easy. The problem is that many tutors will instead of giving you a length in pages will give you it in words. So you will want to be able to convert words to pages to give you a good idea how much writing you will need to do. Our words to pages converter will be able to provide you with a good idea as to how many pages your paper will need to be if you want to meet your tutors word count.

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A good guide is that a page will be around 500 words if single-spaced and around 250 words if double spaced. So the following will hold true:

  • 20000 words to pages is around 40 pages single spaced or 80 pages double spaced
  • 10000 words to pages is around 20 pages single spaced or 40 pages double spaced
  • 3000 words to pages is around 6 pages single spaced or 12 pages double spaced
  • 1500 words to pages is around 3 pages single spaced or 6 pages double spaced
  • 800 words to pages is around 1 and a half pages single spaced to 3 pages double spaced

All of these calculations are of course estimates based on how many words you will write on each page on average. It is also based on using a 12 pt font such as Arial. Swapping to a font such as Courier or using a larger font size will make the page count longer; something that is handy to know if you feel that your paper may be a little light on words.

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How Long Should a Research Paper Be for College? Is It Different for Middle School?

Why is the length of your paper important?

During your education, you will be asked to write many papers to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding in almost all of the subjects that you take. Many of these papers will have a significant impact on your final grades so you will need to ensure that they are done perfectly at all times.

One thing that you should always keep an eye on is your page length, many tutors will provide you with a firm length for your essay or paper and this should be adhered to. Sometimes this will be given in words and you will want to have words to pages converter to give you a good idea about how many pages long your paper should be.

Submitting work that is too long or too short should always be avoided. Always follow all of the requirements that are provided to you for your essay from the format that you should use through to how many words you need to provide. Essays that have not followed the instructions will often get grades much lower than you need.

Can I go over the word count with my paper?

While you may think that providing a longer paper is better your tutor will not hold the same view. They have a set amount of time within which to assess your work and if your papers are longer than expected they just may not have the time available to mark it correctly. The excessive length may also be a clear indication that you have failed to focus on the main argument of your paper and have wandered off into areas that are irrelevant to the main focus. It may also indicate that your writing is less than concise. No matter what the reason you are not going to get the grades that you are looking for. They are looking for quality not the size of your paper.

Can I write a shorter paper?

The minimum page length is there to give you an idea as to how much depth you will need to go to when doing your research and writing. If your writing is too short then you may not have found out enough about the subject area in which you have been asked to write or you may not have fully understood what you have found.

Submitting work that is too short will almost certainly result in a lower grade as the initial reaction of the person marking your paper will be that you have not done the work. Even if you have covered everything in a very concise manner the initial reaction will be that you have not and the marker will be looking for more issues within your writing.

How long should my paper be?

Paper length will very much depend on the subject that you are following and the level at which you are studying. You will also find that there may be a big difference between the final paper that you may be set in a subject and the essays and other assignments that you have to write throughout the year. The following however will give you some guidance as to what average expectations are:

How long should a research paper be for middle school? Five to seven pages
How long should a research paper be for high school? Three to five pages
How long should a research paper be for college? One to two pages

Of course, the most important thing is to follow what your tutor specifically asks for. If they don’t specify ensure that you ask so that you avoid any issues later.

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