Choosing Not Boring PhD Topics in Mathematics

choosing PhD topics in mathematics

Obtaining a Math PhD

Mathematics involves the study of things such as quantity (arithmetic), structure (algebra), space (geometry), and change (analysis). It is used to study patterns and formulate theories and is essential in many fields such as medicine, engineering, and finance among others. Some mathematical problems require years or even centuries to resolve. In math PhD programs, candidates will have to conduct mathematical research and write a dissertation that makes an original contribution to math in their area of specialization.

Interesting PhD Topics in Mathematics

The first step in writing a mathematics dissertation is to select the topic you wish to research. In most programs, you will have at least one and possibly two years before you will have to select a topic. A topic must contribute something new to the field and should be something you are genuinely interested in so that you don’t become bored during the year/years you will be working with it.

Here are some interesting math research topics you may want to consider for your dissertation:

  • Computation and control of swirling flow
  • Dynamics of climate models
  • Voting manipulation games
  • Linear secret sharing schemes
  • The geometry of chaos
  • Control of mechanical system by moving coordinates and locomotion in fluids
  • Non-cooperative differential games and economic models

Suggestion for Writing Your Mathematics Dissertation

Writing your PhD thesis in mathematics is not something you will accomplish over a weekend. It is something that will most likely occupy the majority of your time for a year or more.

The following are a few tips that may make writing your dissertation easier:

  • Start early: the sooner you get started writing your dissertation the better. You need to leave plenty of time for revising, proofreading and editing your paper
  • Set target: give yourself goals to meet during the writing process such as a certain number of words or pages a day to complete. Make your goal realistic. It can be discouraging if you fail to meet targets so make sure they are something that can be achieved relatively easily
  • Don’t include unnecessary material: too many students equate length with quality which is not the case when it comes to mathematics dissertations. Only include information that is absolutely necessary. The professors reading your paper will recognize filler for what it is.
  • Read other mathematics dissertations: reading others work will give you a good idea of how to present your own paper with regards to structure and style
  • Proofread your paper: although your paper is in the field of mathematics you still need to watch out for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Proofread the paper yourself and if possible have somebody else do so also.

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