How to Avoid Possible Pitfalls in Your PhD Proposal Writing

How to Avoid Possible Pitfalls in Your PhD Proposal Writing

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Do You Need Help Writing a PhD Proposal?

Your PhD proposal is written prior to being allowed to pursue your desired research and before any funding is awarded. It is there to show the committee that you fully understand the field within which you are researching and that you have a clear and feasible plan for doing your research PhD. You also need to clearly show the importance of your own research and that you are capable of doing it. You demonstrate all of this through a well-written proposal that must be written in a way that is totally free of any form of errors as well as being in perfect English, and structured and formatted exactly as required of you.

Achieving the standards required for your research and your writing is not going to be easy and many students even at doctorate level will want to seek out help with their PhD proposal writing. It is important that you take all of the advice that you can get to make sure that your proposal is accepted and you can go ahead with your PhD research.

Advice for PhD Proposal Writing

Your proposal must be perfectly written if you want to ensure that you are funded and allowed to pursue your research. However, you do not have to worry about getting your research detailed exactly as you wish to conduct it. It will be expected that your research questions and other factors will change during your actual research as you find out more about your field.

The following advice will help you to structure your proposal and cover what is required to get your work accepted:

Title This should give a clear indication of the field, the main objective as well as your approach.
Research overview Explain the context in which your own research sits with regards to current research:

  • Show how your proposed research matches their strengths and research areas of the department that you are applying to. Review websites and other documentation to verify where those strengths are.
  • Provide your research questions and why they are being asked, do not propose more than 3
  • Show the significance of your research, not just within your field but also with regards to society as a whole
  • Explain the approaches that you will take to do your research
Research positioning Explain the existing literature and research already in existence around your proposed area of research. You must clearly demonstrate your full understanding of the literature as well as showing where there are existing gaps within what is known
Methodology and research design This section must clearly show how your research will be designed and the specific methods that will be used. It must clearly state the research parameters:

  • Clearly show the approach that you will use and why you have chosen it over other possibilities
  • Define your specific aims and the objectives of the research
  • Show the methods that you will use to analyze the data collected and why
  • Show a timeline for the completion of your research
References When it comes to the background, you need to address the following:
Don’t just list everything that has ever been written; list those texts that have been mentioned and played an important role in your research

Always carefully tailor your proposal to the department that you are applying to, especially if you are applying to multiple departments. Your proposal must look like it was clearly written specifically for them.

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