Really Useful PhD Research Proposal Topics in Marketing

Qualifying PhD Research Proposal Topics in Marketing

To complete a PhD in marketing it will be necessary to do a research project on a marketing topic and write a dissertation based on the results. Before starting your project it will be necessary to convince a board that the topic you propose deserves further research. Many PhD students have problems selecting a topic they feel meets the necessary criteria. PhD thesis writing service we offer can assist you with choosing PhD research proposal topics in marketing you can use or, if you need, we can also help with PhD research topics in computer science.

Research topics in marketing for PhD dissertations should:

  • Be interesting. It should interest you as you will be spending plenty of time with it, and there must be some people who care enough about the issue to justify your research.
  • Significant. The topic must be shown to be of significant enough importance to be worth pursuing
  • Must be able to achieve results in a reasonable amount of time.

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Selecting PhD Research Proposal Topics in Marketing

The following are a few methods to find topic ideas. Go to weekly departmental seminars in your field – this could possibly be a source of ideas for research. The speakers are selected for being leaders in the field and they are presenting their research that is usually at the working paper stage. Go to seminars of potential new assistant professors at your school – these are the young up and comers in the field and often they are at the forefront of new research. Read the best journals – top journals in the field can be used to generate ideas. Be selective as often much of the material is dated due to how long research usually takes to get published. Talk and write – interaction with your professors and your fellow students is where a lot of your ideas will come from. Trying to articulate things, both orally and in writing, can present new ways of looking at things and is an important part of the process.

 A Few Ideas for Marketing Research Topics for PhD Dissertations

  • Islamic marketing
  • Managing boundary spanning elements
  • Ethnographic approaches to theory development in consumer research
  • Sustainable infrastructure for tourism and urban regeneration
  • New organizational forms and managerial work
  • Modeling and exploring the effects of judgmentally adjusting inventory replenishment decisions
  • Emergent marketing strategy and decision making in marketing organizations
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Green marketing and advertising
  • Sustainable strategies of multinational corporations

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