Secrets of PhD Proposal in Cancer Research

Secrets of PhD Proposal in Cancer Research


PhD Proposal in Cancer Research

If you have opted to conduct cancer research for your PhD then a research proposal for PhD in cancer research will have to be submitted and approved before you can continue. It will be easier, if read tips on PhD thesis research.

Aside from being necessary to gain the required approval, a research proposal also lays the groundwork for the research you are undertaking and is the first step towards your PhD. Cancer research isn’t something you can just jump into without plenty of planning, and that is why you need a proposal: it outlines everything you will be doing during your research project. A good PhD research proposal should meet the following general requirements:

  • Establish a context for your research and demonstrate the need for it
  • Show that your study will meet this need, and how it will do so.

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Secrets of Writing Research Proposal for PhD in Cancer

Here are few secrets of writing PhD proposal in Oncology. You will find them helpful.

  • Start early: Time management is very important when you write PhD proposal in oncology. It is better to start early and give it the proper time. You might need to discuss something with your advisor, which will be time taking.
  • Read samples: You can find PhD thesis research oncology samples in your library or online. You can consult them to get an idea. But make sure that you don’t copy them.
  • Find literature: Literature review is very important for your research, so when you start writing PhD proposal Oncology, give attention to the literature review. If you can find enough background literature than you can think about writing a proposal.
  • Consider your resources: When you start writing PhD proposal in Oncology, you have to consider your resources. The library you can use and research facilities for the research. Avoid those topics for which you don’t have the resources.
  • Resort to professional help: Oncology PhD proposal is not an easy thing to write. You can get advice from your teachers, but if you are confused or facing problems, there is no harm in taking help from the professionals.


What Needs to Be Included Within Your PhD Proposal in Cancer Research

Writing a research proposal for PhD in Cancer should be done with great care if you are going to get your work accepted and be able to continue on to gain your doctoral degree. Your PhD cancer research depends on you providing a proposal that can convince the reader of the importance of your work to the field and show clearly that you will be able to conduct the work to the required standard. To achieve this you should ensure that you cover all of the following within your PhD proposal in cancer research.

Clearly show what the problem is that you are seeking to solve and why it is important within your field within your introduction. Provide the reader with a clear hypothesis or research question so there is no doubt as to exactly what your research will seek to show. Provide a comprehensive review of the available literature to clearly show that you have a firm grasp of the research that has already been completed within your area. Clearly state your methodology and give reasons for its selection. The reader needs to clearly see that you have selected the PhD research methods, that are most likely to provide you with success when pursuing your PhD in cancer research. Provide a timeline and a list of required resources to demonstrate that you will be able to complete the research with what you have available to you.

Ultimately you are presenting a case that there is a particular issue that needs to be addressed and that your approach is the best way to address that issue. If you aren’t sure of the best way to write your research proposal, our PhD research service can help.

PhD in Cancer Research| Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Writing PhD proposal Oncology is not an easy task. Students usually make mistakes, which puts a question mark on their work. Here are some common mistakes, which should be avoided.

  • Effective methodology. Usually, students select the topics without considering the research methods. When you select the topic, discuss the research methodology with your tutor, before you start writing PhD proposal in Oncology.
  • Work sequence. Students jump start writing Oncology PhD proposal, which is a big mistake. Plan your proposal first, make an outline and then start writing.
  • Actuality. Find a fresh and unique topic. Most of the students change the old topics slightly. Changing one or two variables can cause problems for your research. So, find a unique idea for your research.


Top 5 Programs Offering PhD In Oncology

  • Stanford University: with more than 16 thousand students, it is the number one place, if you want to complete your PhD in Oncology. However, its acceptance rate is 5% only.
  • Duke University: Located in North Carolina, Duck university is among the top 5 places for PhD in Oncology. Its acceptance rate is 8%
  • University of Chicago: The university is known for its research facilities it offers to the students and holds more than 15 thousand students.
  • Vanderbilt University: The acceptance rate of this university is 15 %, which is good enough. Currently, more than 12 thousand students are enrolled.
  • Georgetown University: Located in Washington, it’s a large university. It has more than 18 thousand students enrolled and one of the best places for oncology PhD.


I am Interested in PhD Cancer Research. How Do I Write a Research Proposal on It?

For writing research proposal, you have to keep your focus on the target area, which will be biology research in this case. A good research proposal should have an Introduction, where you  give some basic information on your topic and why you selected that topic. After that, you are expected to describe the research problem in detail. You also have to discuss your research plan. When and what kind of research you will do and what methodology you will use. University or the research institution can also ask for the CV or any other documents, you have to check the requirements before sending your research proposal. If you are not sure about what to write and how to write, you can avail professional help as well.

Top 100 PhD Oncology Research Proposal Topics

Choosing a research proposal topic can be stressful, especially if there are hundreds of different opportunities. If you feel stuck and sad at the first step of writing PhD oncology research, we can help you. There is a list of top 20 custom oncology proposal topics for you to pick. Each of them is interesting and worth to be written about.

  • How to flip the switch on cancer cell death
  • Diet and cancer patients
  • How to stop breast cancer spread
  • How food can affect the effects of chemotherapy
  • How diet can influence the progress of cancer
  • How to prevent colon cancers
  • Mortality trends in breast cancer
  • How prostate cancer is diagnosed among physically active men
  • Breast cancer awareness techniques
  • European countries and cancer prevalence
  • Latest cancer research in the US
  • Cancer mortality trends in Southeast Asia
  • Mobile devices and certain types of cancers
  • Alcohol consumption and colorectal cancers among men
  • Alcohol consumption and breast cancer among women
  • The role of Trans fat in cancer
  • Age trends in cancer cases
  • Breast cancer and frequent exposure to chest x-rays
  • Breast cancer mutation trends
  • Exercise and cancer risk

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Download the full list of top 100 PhD cancer topics!

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