What Is the Best Way to Select Economics PhD Research Proposal Topics?

The research undertaken within the different fields of economics requires certain sets of skills. Some of these skill sets overlap considerably whereas others are quite separate, hence the need to consider carefully your choice of PhD thesis topics in economics. No matter if it’s PhD thesis in architecture or economics PhD research proposal, it’s important to pick a topic that matches your personal skills and aptitude for your subject as well as suiting your specific interests.

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Expert Advice on Choosing PhD Research in Economics Topic

When it comes to research topics in economics for PhD, you need to know who to go to for quality advice.

There are numerous academic experts available to consult online and this is the quickest and most convenient way to get the tips you need to succeed:

  • Whatever your chosen research topics in economics for PhD, your aim is to produce original evidence that furthers the field. If you hope to end up getting a job that influences economic practice, research is not the means to such an end.
  • If you have decided that research is definitely your thing and you want a good topic to study, take a look at recent projects completed at the most prestigious graduate schools to see where your spheres of interest are going.
  • As well as having a deep level of interest in a topic, make sure that you have the aptitude for it. Typically, economics involves plenty of math so make sure you’re up to speed with calculus, statistics and whatever else you have been advised to tackle. Doing well in such classes is very important for the PhD admissions process.
  • Get in touch with economics professors and seek their advice. The very fact that you’ve shown an interest in their subject will likely mean that they’ll be more than willing to help you decide on a topic.
  • The easiest way to choose a topic is to get some experience while you’re still an undergraduate. Take on a position as a research assistant and see if you truly are interested in your chosen topic.

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Choosing Topics for Economics PhD Research Proposal

If you aren’t sure exactly where your talents lie, you would be well advised to ask your current or former professors. They will have a good understanding of what you’re capable of and thus which kind of topics you ought to pursue the greatest chances of success in the academic world.

If you need a few ideas, check out these 12 topics for research in economics for PhD:
  • Examine the role of transaction costs in economic development
  • Discuss the evolution of consumption and consumer behavior
  • Analyze the energy market from a microeconomic standpoint
  • Examine the role of interest rates on consumption
  • Discuss the link between salary and economic convergence between regions within a given country
  • Explore the relationship between foreign direct investment and interest rates
  • Examine the role of unemployment in economic growth
  • Discuss the effect of minimum wage law on employment
  • Analyze the causes and effects of corporate debt
  • Examine the role of interest rates on the stock market
  • Investigate the causes of regional divergence
  • Discuss game theory and oligopoly

This list of PhD topics in economics represents a small selection of the true potential of this giant subject. Get in touch with academic experts online to find out which subjects suit you best. If this list of PhD topics in economics has inspired you to come up with your own unique research idea, check with those in the know to see whether it’s an issue that’s been covered before.

Expert Opinions on Picking Topics for Research in Economics for PhD

Generally speaking, there are certain unwritten rules and concepts that apply to your choice of PhD topic. Most experts will agree with the following statements and you would do well to bear them in mind while choosing your subject matter. The first thing to consider is the overall scope of your topic. Make sure it’s something that you can handle in the time given and that actually plugs a gap in our knowledge of economics. There’s no need to be too broad when discussing a topic. Specificity is key when it comes to PhD success.

Your goal is to defend a particular topic using a selected methodology. Your topic will be based on the most relevant past research in this field and should surpass it in some way, thus leading to your first piece of unique empirical work. Failing to offer something new to your chosen field makes the whole endeavor somewhat pointless.

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When you have narrowed down your choices and come up with a proposal, make sure you maintain your focus and actually answer the question you have set yourself. Problems often result when a student poses a question but veers off topic and ends up failing to address the original issue.

It’s important to realize that a good topic to study is also one that is poorly understood by anyone in the field. If this were not the case, there would be no topic to study. With this in mind, make sure that you are able to articulate your ideas clearly so that you are able to demonstrate your contribution to economic science.

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If you hope to study any of the numerous PhD research topics in law, or economics you would do well to take this advice on board. If you need any extra advice or assistance, you can simply ask our online experts for their esteemed opinions. They are always ready to help you in your time of need. With the right advice, you can go a very long way indeed. Academic success is right at your fingertips when you make use of all the resources at your disposal.

The importance of properly approaching PhD thesis topics in economics can never be understated. Get expert advice and make the most of your academic opportunities!