Winning Ideas for PhD Research Topics in Finance

Choosing and Developing Great PhD Research Topics in Finance and Accounting

A crucial part of any research paper is finding the right topic for you. For PhD students, you should be wary when selecting your topic as this can either make or break your paper. The best thing to do is to research ahead of time; this will allow you to brainstorm and effectively choose the best PhD research topics in finance that will enable you to contribute relevant research to your field. Great PhD research topics in finance will also determine the interest, ideas, scope, and approach that you will use so be sure to develop winning topics. You have to use strong research methodology for PhD proposal.

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Avail Examples of Relevant PhD Research Topics in Finance

Here are some selected PhD research topics in finance and accounting from our latest research findings:

  • A study towards the pace of growth in the Chinese economy.
  • The analytical overview of personal investment and its usefulness to energize the economy.
  • The importance of Islamic banking on the global economy.
  • How companies utilize financial management programs and indicators to avoid risky investments.
  • The side effect of the recession in case of dwindling number of middle class.
  • Analytical note on Dutch financial sector and how its bubble burst crippled the Scandinavian country.
  • An in-depth look at the repercussions and impact of the financial crisis in the 21st-century economic market.
  • Analysis on the influence of US debt on the global economy.
  • How the International Monetary Fund tackled internal inefficiency to manage various financial projects.
  • Cross-border investments: how corporations manage and assess volatility in the financial market.

Some PhD research topics in computer science will help to device even better ideas.

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winning ideas for PhD research topics in finance

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