11 Steps for Writing a Good Law PhD Research Proposal

A PhD law student is considered highly respectable and responsible person of society because he has to resolve the conflicts between the people in future endeavors. Due to taking a highly responsible seat in future, the PhD law students are expected to write his final research project on a critical and unique topic related to legal studies. However, choosing a groundbreaking research topic about the legal issues and writing a research proposal is not an easy job especially for the PhD law students. It needs good decision power, high-level skills and vast experience to write an excellent law PhD research proposal. Let’s have a look at the guidelines for writing a good research paper on law.

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Guidelines for Writing a Good Research Paper on Law

  • Either you are finding the research topics for PhD in management or want to write a psychology PhD research proposal, the first thing is choosing such an inspirational research topic that would be relevant to the present hot issues of related discipline.
  • After finding some inspiring topic for PhD research proposal, you should make the outline of your research proposal. In the outline, you should write the names of different chapters and a brief description of the content for each chapter according to legal research paper format.
  • Now, you should collect the reference sources that would be relevant to the topic of your PhD dissertation. However, you chose never to select any source that has no valid resource. Always try to choose the reference articles from those research journals or law books that have credibility. In other words, your reference articles should be valid and easily searchable.
  • Don’t write the results of all experiments. Only choose 2-3 experimental results and express them in your research paper in graphical and tabular form. This is the most impressive way of presenting the research paper.
  • In the last, concluder your research work with the support of a powerful and authentic reference.

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Rules You Have To Follow When Writing a Research Paper on Law

While start writing the law school research paper, you must have to follow the below-mentioned rules:

  • There is a famous saying that “good writing is like a windowpane.” It doesn’t mean that you should write the simple law terminologies in a complicated manner. There is no need to use large numbers of difficult phrases, big words, and long sentences.  Rather than this, writing the legal paper means making the simple things more complicated.
  • In legal studies, you have to be very careful about the things that look simple. Some people say that simplicity is a sign of stupidity, while for law students this phrase is the opposite.
  • Unlike other subjects, you can’t use unnecessary words while writing the final paper for your research proposal in law studies. In law studies, you have to put every word very carefully, because every single word has an individual worth in the law.
  • To extract the references for your case study, you should read the relevant cases very carefully.  Read even those cases twice a time that you have already read.

law school research paper writing help11 Steps for Writing a Research Paper on Law

To understand the format of a research proposal for PhD in law, following are 11 steps for writing a research paper on the law;

Selection of Topic
Selection of a topic for PhD law research proposal needs lots of effort. Remember! Finding a good law topic for research proposal means, you are reducing the headache of getting approval and winning the chances of finding a variety of relevant references sources. So, you must have to do a great struggle to choose a good topic. The best source of inspiration for getting a unique idea about the topic of the research proposal is frequently visiting the law courts and chambers of lawyers. Practical knowledge is the best source to recognize the real problems of people and making a unique research topic on the basis of real pieces of evidence.
Prior Decision about Formatting of Law Research Paper
You should decide the formatting pattern of law research paper before start writing the research paper. About law school research paper format, it is better to take the idea of your instructor or professor, because different teachers like different types of formatting patterns. No doubt, there are some standard formatting rules that everyone must have to follow but there are also some formatting options that can be changed according to the choice of instructor.
Fast Research Activities
Before start writing the research paper, it is better to conduct the research experiments in a fast and rigorous manner. The benefit of completing the research experiments is getting enough time to concentrate on writing work of law research paper. Moreover, in this way, you will understand the direction of research work and can easily collect the relevant references.
Collection of Relevant References
The last work that you should complete before start writing the law research paper is a collection of relevant references and pieces of evidence according to the direction of your research work. However, all the references that you will found relevant must be the part of valid research journals that have been published already and well recognized all over the globe.
Write an Outline
Now you should start writing the outline of your law research paper. First of all, write the names of chapters that are the mandatory part of any research paper. These chapters are abstract and introduction, literature review, methodology, results, and discussion as well as a conclusion. In the outline, you can briefly explain the contents of each chapter in a short manner.
An abstract is an overview of the complete research paper. For a law PhD research paper, the abstract should be in one paragraph and not exceed the limit of 250 words.
The introduction part should comprise the detail of the research topic in the light of background knowledge and previous research work on the theme of the present research study. Here, you should explain the reason for choosing that particular research topic.
In methodology portion of law research paper, you should describe the locations and procedure of conducting the experimental research work. The locations could be courtrooms or even the locations of some crime scene.
The results of all experiments that you have performed in reference to the details of proposed research work must be collected carefully along with pieces of evidence. These pieces of evidence could be written or visual contents. Without this evidence, it is useless to collect the experimental results.
Now discuss all the results in graphical and tabular format. It is also necessary to support all the results with valid references. However, there is no need to write the unnecessary details of discussion for each result. Only graphical representation is enough to discuss the results.
In the last, you should conclude the findings of your research experiments. Don’t forget to strengthen the conclusion with the authentic and most relevant reference source.

Common Questions/Answers about Law Research Paper Writing

Following are the common questions/answers that people ask about law research paper writing;

   How to write a PhD research proposal in law?
To write a PhD research proposal in law, you should select a topic on law studies, then search the relevant references and after that, make an outline of research proposal as per standard format. It is better to hire the services of professional writers to write a winning PhD research proposal in law.
   What is SSRN and why it is used to post the law research paper?
As law studies are the part of social sciences and SSRN (Social Science Research Network) is an online platform that is used for submission and rapid distribution of research articles related to humanities and social sciences. Till now, more than 210,000 scholars have posted their research work at SSRN and every month more than 860,000 research papers are downloaded from this website.
   What else other than research data should I include in my paper?
Other than research data, you should include the names of main author(s), affiliated persons, contact information and keywords.

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